Sunday, May 27, 2012

Water Kefir - Recipe/ Instructions

1-2 Tbs of Water Kefir Grains
6 Table Spoons of Sugar, Raw, brown, molasses, Rapadura work well for propagation and healthy Grains
Water flitered
Dried Fruit, Sultana's work well
500mls to 1 litre Jar

Optional extras
a few slices of lemon
1/2 an egg shell- add calcium

1. Start by making a sugar water by mixing 3/4 a jar of water with you sugar, stir until dissolved
2. Once dissolved you then add you Grains, Dried fruit and the optional extra's if you wish.
3. Add Lid or cover with a cloth. Leave for 24 -48 hours, if you have problems with sugar you can leave for a bit longer, but you will get a more bitter taste.
4. you will know that your water Kefir is ready for drinking when you sultana's are floating on the top, when you remove the lid you may hear a hissing sound.
5. Remove sultana's and strain grains out and put aside for the next batch.
6. You are now ready to add flavour if you wish. Also start you next batch of water kefir fermenting.
7. Once you add you flavour you can leave to ferment for another day, or leave for a an hour, then drink.

Flavours that we have tried and like.
Vanilla = homemade creaming soda.
Mandarine/orange peel = Fanta like flavour
Lemon Juice or peel = Homemade lemonade
Ginger= ginger beer
Grape juice, = a delicious refreshing drink.
Add Vanilla, cinnamon and lime juice for a cola "like" flavour.
Any Fruit that you can get your hands on should work, Berries are great and really refreshing.

# recommend only using organic sugar, and fruit products that come into contact with the grains.

Have Fun and Enjoy your Water Kefir. Christina

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