Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gut Flora

Good health depends on a number of things. One of those being the balance of micro oganisms that live in the digestive system, also known as "Gut Flora". In the twenty first century these Gut floras are under attack more than ever with the invention of Antibiotics, refined food in the diet, Pesticides, Preservatives, and generally the western lifestyle and Diet.

One way that we can help our bodies come back into balance is by consuming fermented foods. Fermentation is an almost forgotten way of persevering food naturally, that increase the good bacteria in the Gut which produces beneficial enzymes, increases levels of vitamin and mineral absorptions, and aids in digestion.

Cultured Dairy Products have an important role to play in our diets, helping to aid the growth of these beneficial micro organisms, which in turn produce a natural antibiotic and anti carcinogenic substances, help to the body natural immune system to fight disease, infection, and cancer.

So I encourage you to enjoy your cultured beverages, veggies, fruits, condiments, cheeses, and breads. Don't be frighten to give it a try, I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as our family has, and you will be surprised by how easy they are to make.

For information on tradition cooking and sour dough baking I highly recommend signing up for the e- courses available from

# We use these cultures in our daily lives and enjoy the many benefits from consuming them. However please don't take my word for, I encourage you to do your own research deciding for yourself if they will benefit your life. I'm sure like us you will find some wonderful articles and information about the great benefits available and will enjoy the delights that you too could be making.

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